the new home company ~

October 10, 2014

orchard park reverie-daydream photography fleurs IMG_6308

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 11 IMG_6315

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with the lovely Patrician Company during a private grand opening event for The New Home Company’s newest development in San Jose, Orchard Park. While there, I took advantage of lingering through the beautiful models that are currently open for potential new homeowners. The event was really fun, and I can’t wait to share another post on the details that these ladies are so good at when planning a fun and pretty party, but for now, allow me to indulge in the distinctive attention to detail The New Home Company has put into this new community.

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 12 IMG_6439

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 10 IMG_6577

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 14 IMG_6611

Great natural light fill the open spaces, the floor plans are very user-friendly, and the finishes are top-notch with many energy-saving features throughout the homes.

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 8 IMG_6525

orchard park reverie-daydream photography IMG_6529

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 11 IMG_6602

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 14 IMG_6414

orchard park reverie-daydream photography IMG_6529

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I wanted to cozy up with a book in this special nook and never leave!

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 14 IMG_6420

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 13 IMG_6398

During the evening, I met several new homeowners who purchased on-the-spot, and their excitement was contagious. The layouts are perfect for urban dwellers to keep their privacy, but yet be in the midst of a friendly community.  The outdoor space kept my attention, and I kept daydreaming of the perfect glass of bubbly and serenity as the sun set on a perfect day.

orchard park reverie-daydream photography 9 IMG_6593

***This post was sponsored by The New Home Company. For more information, please attend the public grand opening event on Saturday, October 11th from 10-4 at 1633 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA

 All images are by Reverie-Daydream Photography.

isabel + justin {engagement} ~

May 14, 2014

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_6836

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_6789

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_7322

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_7429

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_7635

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_7715

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_7818

Love makes my heart sing! And while photographing, nothing makes me happier than capturing a special loving moment through the lens. As my photography business grows, I have had clients request to see more of my portfolio {in addition to the website}, so from time-to-time, I will be sharing some of my favorite glimpses into others lives.

It goes without saying that this lovely couple, Isabel and Justin, were a dream to photograph. Their engagement session was filled with laughter, love and, yes, a unicycle! It’s all about making everyone feel at ease and allowing personalities to shine through the camera. I’m honored each and every time someone asks me to photograph them or a special event/occasion, and I take pride in capturing moments that they will forever cherish. 

reverie-daydream photography i+j engagement IMG_7875

another journey around the sun ~

April 30, 2014

reverie-daydream photography mel birthday 2014 IMG_5558reverie-daydream photography mel birthday 2014 IMG_5590

Recently, I celebrated my birthday, another journey around the sun. I’ve always loved birthdays, your very own day. As the years pass, the celebrations continue, but the meaning of another year enjoyed runs deeper. While memories swirl through my head, thoughts begin to shift to what will unfold in the new year ahead. My heart is filled with gratitude for the lessons I’ve learned, the people I love and whom love me, my health, and the wisdom and confidence which comes with each new year.

reverie-daydream photography mel birthday 2014 IMG_5572

reverie-daydream photography mel birthday 2014 IMG_5493

I look forward to the beginning of every day, and I close my eyes at night with a peaceful mind.  Surrounding myself with those who inspire, aim high with their goals and share the same values encourages me to be a better person. Being able to embrace the art of saying no has allowed me to breath easier and think clearly. I find great joy in pleasure and seek it out. Living life for me and my little family makes every day mine, ours. Learning the delicate balance of working smart and playing hard continues to be a driving day-to-day force.

reverie-daydream photography mel birthday 2014 IMG_5472

For me, age is irrelevant. I believe in making myself the best I can be each year, in fact, I strive to better myself {mind, body and soul} every. single. year.  Happiness is definitely a key theme in living life fully.  How do I measure happiness? By using this simple equation: one good day plus another good day equals a good life.  One day at a time…live fully now. have no regrets. speak kindness. offer love. spread joy. be grateful. seek happiness.

reverie-daydream photography mel birthday 2014 IMG_5476

spring has sprung ~

April 17, 2014

reverie-daydream spring 2

reverie-daydream spring 3

reverie-daydream spring 5


Favorite part of Spring…life shifts almost completely to the outdoors. The colors are bright, bold and beautiful. Skies are blue with puffy clouds beckoning daydreams, and the warm sun dances upon the uncovered skin thawing the layers of winter. Every day, the blooms grow bigger, the buds find their fruit-formed shape, and the trees thicken with their fancy green-leafed frocks. Sweet little toes are painted colors of easter eggs, surprises are found within nests, and bouquets of garden flowers adorn every possible surface.  Spring has sprung ~

reverie-daydream spring 6



face time ~

April 10, 2014

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6565

It’s important to know that what I’m putting on my face/skin is as chemical free as possible. Not only does my daily regimen have to be simple and easy, I want it to be accessible for my Gaia to use whenever she wishes to “play” face time with me. Now, I will be honest, I have never been married to any one particular skincare line. I like to keep my options open when it comes to lotions, oils, and cleansers. Seasons change, and so does my skin. And I’ve noticed with age, the skin seems to be even more fragile {insert huge sigh}.   100% Pure is exactly that…”health food for your skin”, and you can guarantee you keep my allegiance with a promise of purity.

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6445

Mornings and nights, my face is cleansed with the foamy goodness of Mountain Rose Herbs Castille Soap. It’s so affordable and lasts forever. Some days, if I feel as if my skin is a bit dry, I will add a dollop of coconut oil to the soap and cleanse away.

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6538

It took me years to understand the glory behind a hydrofoil, but once I spritzed onto my face, I was hooked. Such a lovely way to wake up in the mornings, and your skin immediately has this little perk-me-up glow to it. This rose mist by 100% pure is lovely, but I am also a fan of t hisLavendar, Willow and Calendula toner.  One day, I will make my own…at least that’s a dream of mine. 

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6518

Oh the eyes…the stories they tell.  I’m still in search of the perfect eye cream. This one is doing a fine job of holding the current moment steady, but I am determined to find a chemical-free product that will smooth fine lines. Any tips or recommendations to share, I will gladly take.

beauty files reverie-daydream photography

Facial oils are my all-time favorite luxury.  I swear my pores sing a happy melody of glowing thanks with each application. The wild rose oil from Mountain Rose Herbs is subtle in scent but intense with hydrating goodness.

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6474

At night, the pomegranate moisturizer follows the facial oil. I’m a huge fan of pomegranates and believe these fruits of the gods definitely contain healing and restorative powers.

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6523

Cucumbers soothe and hydrate, so my morning routine includes a fresh start with this very simple cucumber moisturizer cream. I even use it on my hands or apply to my little girl’s skin before bedtime or after a long day at the beach.

beauty files reverie-daydream photography IMG_6590

There is obviously a rose theme going on here…perhaps because they evoke a romantic dreaminess. Hence, the reason I find great pleasure in finding as many uses as possible for Santa Maria Novella’s Rose Water.  It’s antiseptic, purifying, moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties evoke me to splash abundantly from head to toe.

Do you have any skincare favorites or secrets you would love to share? I’m always ready to try something new…

**all images by Reverie-Daydream Photography

april ~

April 1, 2014

spring 2014 IMG_0874

I’m a fool for April and all its blooming splendor. Allergies be damned, the colors twinkle through watery eyes adding a touch of dreaminess to any sun-filled day. We all begin to emerge from winter’s stronghold as we seek light from our cozy, blanketed caves sofas. Days are longer, birds offer happier melodies, and strangers recall the ease of a genuine smile.

Hope is abundant. It clings to the air, drizzling its spirit of renewal upon our futile souls. A rebirth of creativity prevails as our energy levels heighten and our brains brush off the cobwebs of low hanging grey skies. Renewal is the name of the game; I’m a key player.

There is a reason I was born in April…and devoted I shall be to flourishing as a legend in my very own way.

Hello April, you are my bliss.

ocean hope ~

March 11, 2014

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7218

A few weeks ago, I took Gaia to visit one of her favorite places in Marin, The Marine Mammal Center. Before entering, she paused for a quite a while taking in the vastness before her. The ocean always puts her in a peaceful state, water calms, soothes, brings ease to the mind. reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7158

The week before, I read this, and my heart has been broken ever since. I knew it was bad, the state of our oceans, yet Greg Ray’s account of what he has witnessed, literally made my gut wrench. And the thoughts of my girl, who is so in love with every part of the sea, not having the chance to always witness the awe of what covers most of her planet, truly makes me stop in my tracks and start making a difference. The first step, awareness.

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7161

You can imagine the questions she asks while we walk through the facility, and I do not sugar coat the answers. The hope is with our kids, they are the ones who can make a change. The image above is an art installation from kids all over the Bay Area. Each piece of watercolor paper has a written promise upon it. Simple things such as using less water to brush teeth, picking up trash off the beach, eating sustainable fish, recycling, etc.

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7211

We read every plaque along the walls telling the stories of each visitor who has come through the center. While there one of the sea lions died of a virus, and we were able to watch the autopsy. These are moments that I am thankful for educational offerings which are all around us, we just have to seek it out and learn ways to make a difference.  And before we can begin teaching our kids how to save the planet, we first must allow them to fall in love with Mother Earth. I believe kids who spend time out in the natural world and develop a connection with the plants, oceans, and creatures that inhabit it are more likely to grow up to be environmentally-engaged citizens.  I’m often reminded of David Sobel’s words:

“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the Earth before we ask them to save it. Perhaps this is what Thoreau had in mind when he said, the more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think the same is true of human beings.”

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7188

In March 2008, a 51-foot-long sperm whale washed ashore near Tomales Point. The cause of death was ingestion of 450 pounds of ghost nets and rope.  This loch nest monster like creature is made from the ‘junk food’ which kills sea life on a daily basis.

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7196

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7176

There are many conservation and volunteer sites to help guide you in the direction to make a change, The Ocean Project is a great place to start. Just remember, all life is connected, and every action reflects the actions of all others. And all our efforts, big or small, together affect the health of the ocean.

reverie-daydream photography marine mammal center 2014 IMG_7150

February 14, 2014

pink roses feb2014 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8768

rumi pink reverie-daydream photography IMG_8868


It’s really just that simple. 

Live fully.  Love strong.

6 ~

February 7, 2014

gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8060


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8077


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8073


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_7972


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_7978


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8173


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8003


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8015


Today, my darling Gaia Miette, you turned 6.

Your heart is filled with pure goodness and sweet love,

And your feet always move to the rhythm of your gentle inner spirit.

Please never stop dancing to your own graceful melody within…

You are greatness, you are joy, you are hope.

You are my all.

~ Happy Birthday My Beautiful Crumb ~




gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_7985


gaia miette 6 reverie-daydream photography IMG_8245

a styled feast for stone edge farm cookbook ~

January 14, 2014

stoneedgefarm cookbook reverie-daydream IMG_5298 stoneedgefarm cookbook IMG_5423 stoneedgefarm cookbook IMG_5408 stoneedgefarm cookbook IMG_5330 stoneedgefarm cookbook IMG_5317 stoneedgefarm cookbook IMG_5348

I’m still pinching myself as I turn the pages of the stunning Stone Edge Farm Cookbook! I was honored to be asked to style the feast for the cookbook, and it was truly an amazing experience. The location was surrounded by nature’s breathtaking splendor as the season offered a golden sunset of color, and the theme of simplistic, rustic beauty was right up my alley. Leslie Sophia Lindell was the photographer for the entire 372 page cookbook, and she captures moments and beauty filled with intense color and vibrancy in each of the 300 photographs. Her images are simply delicious fare for the eyes! 

It was a magical day from beginning to end. Transforming an olive grove into a dining room to be filled with friends gathering to enjoy garden-fresh food and wine at sunset with the glow of candlelight from the tree lanterns and table adding an aura of warmth to a circle of kindred culinary spirits, a vision unfolded into a memorable reality now gracing the pages of an amazing cookbook. Cheers to dreams coming alive. stoneedgefarm cookbook IMG_5306