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April 1, 2014

spring 2014 IMG_0874

I’m a fool for April and all its blooming splendor. Allergies be damned, the colors twinkle through watery eyes adding a touch of dreaminess to any sun-filled day. We all begin to emerge from winter’s stronghold as we seek light from our cozy, blanketed caves sofas. Days are longer, birds offer happier melodies, and strangers recall the ease of a genuine smile.

Hope is abundant. It clings to the air, drizzling its spirit of renewal upon our futile souls. A rebirth of creativity prevails as our energy levels heighten and our brains brush off the cobwebs of low hanging grey skies. Renewal is the name of the game; I’m a key player.

There is a reason I was born in April…and devoted I shall be to flourishing as a legend in my very own way.

Hello April, you are my bliss.

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