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December 4, 2013

reverie-daydream photography heartfelt holiday 2013

Every year when the holiday season arrives, I begin to find myself a bit on edge with the bombardment of consumerism which surrounds us in every direction. But this year is different, I am not allowing myself to enter the overwhelming zone of big box retail, commercials, catalog mailings, and so forth. Instead, I have pledged to ¬†think simply. A gesture of kindness does not have to come in an elaborately wrapped box, nor does it have to be the ‘it’ item of the year. What matters most is the act of giving, the joy which fills our hearts when we remind those we love and appreciate that they are special and make a loving impact upon our hearts and lives. ¬†Even a small handwritten card can make someone’s day in a very big way.

Now more than ever it is important for me to set a balanced standard for the holiday season because I have a very perceptive and impressionable little girl who is soaking up every bit of this season, and I want her to soak up all that is good and the true meaning of Christmas. Teaching her that less is more, that giving feels so good, and that using her hands to create a gift for those she loves is priceless. Kim John Payne wrote an excellent article in the Huffington Post about putting the genie back in the bottle and simplifying the holiday season for kids.

And so it begins, holiday gifts are being made with love, by hand or chosen from local artisans. Evenings spent gazing at the twinkling Christmas tree lights, books being read about every holiday tradition around the globe, favorite carols being memorized with dance parties to ensue, sticky fingers and lips from candy cane treats, and ice skating as much as possible…this is what it’s all about, being in the moment, making memories and taking the time to let Jack Frost nip at your nose!

Together, we can do this ~ let’s bring from-the-heart meaning back to the holidays!


  • katie says:

    every sentiment here makes me so happy…you make me so happy. i love my self-created images/daydreams of you and crumb crafting up heartfelt, simple, and cherished christmas goodies..

    love you always.

  • Layla says:

    In my small family, we don’t give gifts anymore. It’s so relieving. My boyfirend’s family, however, is a different story. Even as adults, he and his siblings are showered with gifts, and now I’m included. This year, I’m acknowledging the beauty of the generosity and am choosing to give meaningful gifts – gifts made from local artisans or by organizations that serve communities directly – providing livable wages to women in rural parts – who contribute cash dollars to sustainable educational programs, etc.

    Thanks for teaching the crumb, at such a young age, to be mindful and thoughtful.

  • Noelani says:

    I love love love this. I’m right there with you this year.

  • estelle says:

    I love the handmade gifts. Someday I really hope to start my gifts in June so I can actually gift them in time for Christmas. Maybe next year. :) You inspire me, always.

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