autumn scenes ~

November 1, 2013

reverie-daydream photography carrots 102013

reverie-daydream photography pomegranate 102013

reverie-daydream photography pumpkin 102013

reverie-daydream photography quince 102013

reverie-daydream photography apples 102013

reverie-daydream photography applepie 102013

What I most enjoy about the changing of seasons is the variety of food which is offered and available to enjoy.  By the time pears and persimmons reach their peak, I’m ready to bid farewell to strawberries and stone fruits.  Summer finds my plate filled with salads and crisp raw veggies, yet when Autumn is well underway, I’m digging into bowls of warm bulgar or quinoa with roasted root vegetables. We are meant to eat what nature offers, and if we follow this simple guideline of living well, then the giddiness which precedes the moment of a mouthful of pomegranate seeds, the crunch of freshly harvested sweet carrots, and the smell of warm baked apple pie is something we look forward to with mouthwatering zest. Bon appétit to the next few months of warm, cozy seasonal food ~

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  • pve says:

    one day, I hope we are able to share a seasonal feast together rather than a virtual feast. your images are delectable.
    I too adore the change of seasons and senses. Different tastes, scents, tactile,
    colors and more…..cozy times ahead.

  • LeeLee says:

    Beautiful photos, Melissa. I cannot wait for cozy seasonal food, too.

    Also, I couldn’t get to your website from the link you posted on twitter. It may just be weird things on my end, but the link redirects somewhere else.


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