quiet details ~

April 12, 2013


Take time to notice the light as it passes through the glass panes of a kitchen window,  or how the soft morning rays of sun fall ever so softly upon a dew-kissed petal within the garden.

As a breeze flows by, close your eyes and listen to nature’s sweet whisper in your ears.

When your eyes first open with a new day, smile. Begin the first waking moments by flexing the facial muscles in an upward motion…setting the tone for a fresh start.

Remove your shoes, feel the ground beneath you. The cool blades of grass or the sand between your toes, connect with the foundation of which we are all from, our beloved earth.

Steady your breath, steady your mind.

Seek out the bounty of local farmers, taste the flavors of the season, and savor the offerings while they last.

Stop and smell the roses, feel the silkiness of their blossomed petals, and admire the bees who buzz with glee amongst the budding gardens.

Fill a room with candlelight, hold a hardcover book in your hands, listen to the songs of birds.

When someone shares a story with you, pay attention to the details, really listen.

Don’t wish away today in hopes of a tomorrow, gather all the quiet details of every day and feed your soul.

Soak up your surroundings, seek the beauty, follow the joy, open your senses to the moment.

Live fully now.

{image of Anders Zorn’s studio in Gopsmor, Sweden}


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